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Humble Beginnings

SkyReach, PTY, LTD, (SkyReach), is a proudly South African company based at Springs airfield, just east of Johannesburg. Formerly Rainbow Aircraft, the company has its origins in the weight-shift trike market however a need for a cost effective & rugged 3 axis bush aircraft was identified in the late 90’s resulting in the first flights of the newly designed aircraft taking place in 2001. The aircraft was originally known as the Rainbow Cheetah and through constant development and improvement, the latest generation of the aircraft became known as the BushCat™!

The present day SkyReach, LLC company:

The company operates out of various workshops and an admin office with a combined floor space of 1800 meters squared and with 35 full time employees. The BushCat is built entirely at these premises with all composite work, sewing and machining done in-house. SkyReach and its distributors are committed to our product and clients by offering worldwide support on the BushCat. We are extremely proud of the product and how we back it. The constant growth of market share in our active regions is an indicator that we are doing it right!

SkyReach Headquarters

Our headquarters are at the Spring Airfield in South Africa, with dealers located throughout America, Canada, Poland, Brazil, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand

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