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The BushCat by SkyReach

The BushCat is the third and latest generation of the aircraft previously known as the Cheetah. It is an aircraft which has been designed around four principles: Simplicity, ruggedness, affordability and FUN!

The original Cheetah LSA was a robust and reliable work horse. It quickly gained popularity among the South African bush flying community, and earned its reputation as a fun flying workhorse. Aerodynamic and ergonomic improvements were later made to the aircraft, as well as modifications from worldwide customer feedback, which resulted in the second generation Cheetah XLS.

It soon became clear that the role of the aircraft was to serve bush pilots in areas that other light sport aircraft just couldn’t handle. As a result, the focus moved toward making the aeroplane tougher than any other in its class, and able to withstand the might of the veld and tundra – as a result the BushCat was born.

Since then the BushCat has continued to serve its duties as a bush aeroplane and is being successfully used in anti-wildlife-poaching missions in various regions of Africa. More BushCats are on order by conservation entities for this very purpose as it meets the very specific requirements of these missions.

The aircraft is extremely comfortable with the widest cabin in its class and offers generous headroom making the aircraft perfect for all sizes of pilots.

Due to its simplistic modular design, the aircraft is extremely easy to work on thus reducing the cost of maintenance and repair to a minimum.

Available in nose-wheel and tail-dragger configurations, the aircraft also caters for all preferences. At the 2013 EAA Airventure Oshkosh convention, SkyReach proudly rolled out its Amphibian option, turning heads in the process. The price, performance and cheeky looks of the aircraft capturing the attention of many.

The BushCat demonstrates great performance and STOL ability – at the best price!

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Aircraft length

5.7 m

18.7 ft

Aircraft height

2.3 m

7.5 ft

Empty mass

320 kg

705 lbs

Maximum take-off mass

560 kg

1235 lbs

Useful load

240 kg

530 lbs

Fuel capacity

94 litres

24.8 US Gal

Wing area

13.58 m_

146.17 ft_

Wing span

9.6 m

31.5 ft

Aspect ratio


Maximum wing loading

41.2 kg/m_

8.44 lbs/ft_



912 ULS

Maximum power

100 HP

74.6 kW

Power loading

5.6 kg/HP

16.6 lbs/kW

Fuel type

Avgas or 95 Octane unleaded





Stall speed (Clean configuration)

40 MPH

Stall speed (Landing configuration)

35 MPH

35 MPH

Cruise speed (65% power)

105 MPH

90 MPH


Take off roll

262 ft

540 ft on water

Landing roll

235 ft

305 ft


Rate of climb

1200 ft/min

850 ft/min


14 000 ft

12 000 ft


Maximum crosswind component

32 MPH

20 MPH

Never exceed speed (VNE)

125 MPH

115 MPH

Best glide ratio



Ultimate load factor



BushCat Standard Features

Choices and Options

There is No Such Thing as Standard
BushCat is all about choices and options to best suit the customer.

Whether you fly from prepared airfields, grass strips, or water, there is a BushCat variant to suit your needs and personal choice. The BushCat nose-wheel is great for low hour pilots who wish to operate in the standard configuration or for people who will fly mostly in an out of prepared asphalt runways. If your application takes you into the rough tundra or bush, the rugged and forgiving tail-dragger will become your best friend. For operations on land and water, we have recently introduced the new BushCat amphibian variant.

Kit of Factory Build

Each BushCat variant is available as a factory built SLSA, or as a home-built ELSA kit. Home built kits require between 200 and 300 hours of assembly, requiring only standard tools and average DIY skills.

Colour Schemes

When all is said and done, the BushCat is a fun aircraft, which is why we are proud of our bright and unique colour schemes. The Trilaminate material covering is available in 5 colours: Black, White, Yellow, Blue and orange. We have various layout templates on offer that incorporate these fabric colours. The composite parts of the aircraft can be painted in any colour imaginable – making the exterior look of your BushCat totally customizable. The aircraft can be made to look bright and playful should that be your aim, or perhaps your choice would be a more conservative and less conspicuous one – the choice is all yours.

These are just some examples:


Owners of the BushCat tail-dragger can choose between three types of tyre for the main gear:

  • The 800-6 4 ply Carlisle Turf Glide tundra tire
  • The 850-6 6 ply AirTracsuper- tundra tire
  • The 600 x 6” 6 ply Dunlop all round tire (ideal for use on mostly asphalt runways)

The 4 ply Carlisle tires have been used as a standard for both the nose-wheel and tail-dragger configurations, and are still the standard in the former case. However, the AirTrac tundra tire has proven itself on the BushCat tail-dragger in back country USA, Australasia & the South African bushveld, making it a formidable bush warrior.