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The Cobra was designed according to a simple brief: spare no cost to provide the pilot with the strongest, lightest, most-comfortable, most advanced, most good-looking trike possible! And this, we believe has been achieved!

The first production Cobra, C-001, flew 46,000 km around the world in the Millennium Microlight Adventure, which proved as an extensive test flight and debugging exercise. Several advances and developments were made to the Cobra following information provided about the performance, comfort and other factors of the Cobra during its extremely rough operations and incredibly long flights of this expedition. And so the Cobra progressed and was perfected to the point where it is now looked upon by all pilots with a sense of lust!

If you are looking for a trike with long distance capabilities and fast cruising ability, then the Cobra is for you! If you are looking for safety, comfort and luxury, then the Cobra is for you! If you are looking for a trike which caters for all your luxury flying (and rough terrain flying!) needs, then the Cobra is for you!

If you are someone who likes to have the best and the best only, then the Cobra should be your choice of trike.

Standard configuration:

  • Cobra Undercarriage with Full Suspension and Folding Pylon and
  • 3/4 Nose Fairing
  • Pylon Fairing
  • Composite Seats with Full Backrests and Padding
  • Front Luggage Compartment
  • Powerful Front Brake with Parking Brake
  • Front Instrument Panel with Centre Console (standard composites colour white)
  • Rainbow Aircraft Spirit 15 New Generation Dual Surface Wing
  • Rotax 503 DCDI Engine with Dual Ignition and Twin Carbs (52 HP)
  • “B” Series Gearbox (reduction 2,58:1)
  • 2-bladed Prop
  • 55-litre (14 US gal) Fuel Tank
  • Side Saddle Bags (slim)
  • Safety Cables
  • Wide Wheels and Tyres for soft sand operation
  • Rear Wheel Spats (Pants)

Certification and Testing:

The SkyReach Cobra is certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to be fit and safe for general ultralight use. It has been extensively tested according to CAA regulations and has passed or exceeded all requirements.

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