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The Scout was designed with one thing in mind: to offer the pilot an ultralight trike that is affordable to own and yet still retaining many of the features that a more expensive machine might have. Using many of the latest innovations in ultralight technology, the Scout achieves this remarkable goal. However, no corners have been cut in the realms of safety, functionality, transportability, ease-of-use, comfort, and robustness while making the Scout as affordable as it is.

The Scout is also available as a kit and is quicker and easier to assemble than its older and now discontinued brother, the Safari. This is because the Scout utilizes a simpler construction with fewer complicated components. This factor, together with a more economical use of materials, is what the Scout owes its affordability to. The Scout is primarily a steel construction, which allows it to stand by the Aerotrike’s ‘Built African Tough’ slogan.

The Scout is brightly coloured and will attract attention wherever it goes. Whether flying along the beach, cruising through the bushveld or just flipping around the airfield, the Scout always flies its colours high!

Main Features

  • Front Wheel ‘trailing link’ suspension through non-degrading poly-urethane. Standard colour-coded composite front mudguard.
  • Rear Wheel suspension for easy ground handling on rough fields. Through poly-urethane. Improves the longevity of your Scout by decreasing ground shock transferal to the trike, wing and engine (and of course allowing for a smooth ride by the occupants!)
  • Folding pylon for quick and easy rigging and de-rigging of your Scout. No removing of the fuel tank and seats – just one safety clip and bolt and you’re ready to go!
  • Sturdy engine mounting with vibration absorbing engine mounting rubbersfor a smoothe ride and peaceful flying experience by you and your passenger. Easy access to all parts of the engine for maintenance. Exhaust tucked neatly away.
  • Large side luggage bags covering a 55 litre (13 US gal) fuel tank. Ideal for weekend away trips and long distance cruising or simply for carrying your tools, oil and spark plugs.
  • Independant bucket seats with sturdy backreasts and lap restrainers.
  • BRS Ballistic Parachute option (not standard configuration) for peace of mind while flying over unfriendly terrain.
  • Instrument pod and instrument options (not standard configuration) providing clear and easy monitoring of your engine as well as normal nav/comm instrumentation.
  • High prop clearance decreases prop damage by stones thrown up by the front wheel and the prop itself.
  • Tough steel and aluminium construction for ‘off-road’ operation and operation in rough ground or flying school conditions. Steel and ali treated for corrosion protection.
  • Safety cables in integral parts of the trike for improved safety.

Standard configuration:

  • Scout Undercarriage with Full Suspension and Folding Pylon
  • Rainbow Aircraft Spirit 15 New Generation Dual Surface Wing
  • Rotax 503 DCDI Engine with Dual Ignition and Twin Carbs (52 HP)
  • “B” Series Gearbox (reduction 2,58:1)
  • 2-bladed Propellor
  • 55-litre (14 US gal) Fuel Tank
  • Side Luggage Bags
  • Safety Cables
  • Wide Wheels and Tyres for soft sand operation
  • Rear Wheel Spats (Pants)
  • Small Instrument Panel (no instruments)Click edit button to change this text.

Certification and Testing:

The SkyReach Scout is certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to be fit and safe for general ultralight use. It has been extensively tested according to CAA regulations and has passed or exceeded all requirements.

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