Scout by SkyReachScout by SkyReach
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SkyReach, LLC is still producing some of the most favoured and cost effective weight shift microlights on the planet. The robust “Scout” is a highly agile and low cost player in the trike arena while the “Cobra” offers its owners excellent touring ability.

With many engine, instrument and communication options on offer, the aircraft is also fully customizable and therefore caters to a wide range of budgets.The aircraft is manufactured to extremely high standards and our quality control process far exceeds expected norms.

For affordable performance and bucket loads of fun, you just can’t beat a SkyReach Weight Shift Trike.

The Scout from SkyReach
SkyReach Scout
The BushCat Ready To Fly (RTF)
SkyReach Cobra
BusCat Trikes
SkyReach Wings