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Rainbow Aircraft offer a wide range of wings, manufactured by their own wing department as well as from respected trike wing manufacturers, Aeros. Each wing has different performance and handling characteristics and should be selected according to the individual’s needs. For information on the Aeros wings please navigate to their website by clicking here.

Wing Name


Wing Area

Stall Speed

Cruise Range

Climb Rate

Spirit 15 SkyReach 15 ft² 26 MPH 50-69 MPH 900 ft/min
Still Aeros 17 ft² 25 MPH 35-45 MPH 1000 ft/min
Stream Aeros 16.2 ft² 27 MPH 40-65 MPH 800 ft/min
Stranger Aeros 14.8 ft² 28 MPH 42-65 MPH 600 ft/min
Profi Aeros 14.8 ft² 29 MPH 42-75 MPH 550 ft/min

Further information on the Spirit 15 wing is continued below:

The Spirit 15

The Spirit 15 wing is the result of 2 years of development. Using state-of-the art wing design principles, sound manufacturing and best quality materials, the result is a wing that handles well, is incredibly strong and performs like a winner! This wing is especially noted for its large cruise speed range, great handling in turbulence and most significantly – its superior climb rate. This wing should be a definite choice for anyone flying from higher elevations or with smaller power-plants.


The following performance data was taken at sea level with an all up weight of 350kg in a Cobra powered by a Rotax 582 engine (64HP) with a ‘C’ gearbox.


Metric Units

Imperial Units

Wing area 15.3 m² 165 ft²
Wing weight 52 kg 115 lbs
Wingspan 10.2 m 33.5 ft
Dual surface 75% 75%
Nose angle 130° 130°
Aspect ratio 6.9 6.9
Folded length 6.1 m 20.0 ft
Short folded length 4.6 m 15.1 ft
Wing loading (@450kg) +6G, -3G +6G, -3G
Stall speed 42 km/h 26 MPH
Minimum flying speed 50 km/h 31 MPH
Cruise speed range 80-110 km/h 50-68 MPH
Maximum level speed 136 km/h 85 MPH
Never exceed speed 144 km/h 89 MPH
Ground roll 55 m 180 ft
Rate of climb 4.5 m/s 886 ft/min
Sink rate 2 m/s 394 ft/min


The Spirit 15 wing has an all-Trilam (clear) top surface (panel 3). Any of the available Trilam colours may be chosen for the leading edge and keel pocket (panels 1 & 4). Any of the available Dacron colours may also be chosen for the lower panel (panel 2).

Some of the features of the Spirit 15 wing include:

  • Streamlined down-tubes and king post
  • Spring-loaded top batten tips
  • Extra heavy duty materials and hardware
  • All-Trilam top surface
  • High quality machined components

Spirit 15 Wing Gallery

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